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Alta-Vista Multilingual Translator
 This remarkable engine translates entire paragraphs
back and forth between English, French, German, Italian,
Portuguese, and Spanish with remarkable accuracy.

Arabic Morphological Analyzer
An experimental Java applet with a built-in keyboard for those
who don't have their own. From Xerox Research Center Europe.

Shape Schematization in Assamese Classifiers by Jugal K. Kalita
The concept of schematization has been discussed at length in the context of English spatial prepositions. In this paper, Kalita shows that the idea of space schematization also applies to an extended set of classifiers or enclitical definitives that are found in an Indo-European language called Assamese.

Austronesian Language Comparison by Raymond Weisling
A comparison of core vocabulary of 13 Austronesian languages, including
Indonesian, Javanese, Balinese, Sundanese, Madurese, Sawu, Toraja,
Tagalog, Maori, Fijian, Hawaiian, Malagasy, and Rapanui.

Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar
An on-line version of the classic Latin grammar book contributed
and maintained by James O'Donnell.

A Brief Latin Grammatical Aid
This grammar reference list presently contains two sections: examples of translations for the various uses of several noun cases, and the endings for regular nouns, adjectives, active verbs, and present participles. Later editions will increase this coverage.

Basque Tense and Aspect
A substantial treatment of Tense and Aspect by Basque
with a short bibliography by Martin Haase.

Breton Conjugation Tables
Sponsored by Sav-heol, an association based in Rennes which teaches
evening courses and promotes the Breton language.

Bulgarian Morphological Analyzer
Hristo Krushkov of the University of Plodiv maintains this morphological analyzer of Bulgarian.
 Insert an entire Bulgarian sentence and each word will be identified and analyzed.
Alternatively, you may enter any two agreeing words and check their agreement.

A Spanish verb conjugator. Type in the verb stem and it will be conjugated.

A dictionary and electronic verb conjugator of 15 different languages: Catalan, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Italian, Latin, Occitan, Old English, Portuguese,  Romanian, Spanish and Swedish. An excellent language-learning tool.

Computational Morphology: Introduction to the ALE-RA System by Colin Matheson
How to run ALE -ra on the Centre For Cognitive Science/Human Communication Research Centre machines; also describes briefly the main commands necessary
to compile lexicon files and view the results.

English Neologisms
Contains one hundred 'new' words from the Independent newspaper for the period January to March 1994. The words have been selected from an original list of 11,699 types which were identified as being new by filtering software developed by the University of Liverpool Research and Development Unit for English Studies during the AVIATOR Project, 1990 - 1993.

The Ergative State of Early Proto-Indo-European by Hans-Joachim Alscher
Examines briefly the syntactic structure, the origin of the case system and verbal affixes in Proto-Indo-European. If the link doesn't work, try here.

French Conjugation
You insert the infinitive and select the verbal tense, voice, and mood, and the INFL analyzer will give you the conjugation. The INFL analyzer is a licensed product of the MultiLingual Theory and Technology team at the Rank Xerox Research Center  in Grenoble, France made available to ARTFL through a technology exchange agreement. The principal developers of INFL are Lauri Karttunen and Annie Zaenen.

French Morphological Analyzer
The ARTFL Project: morphological analysis using the INFL analyzer allows you to enter one or more French words (lower case only, no punctuation) at the prompt and returns the context-free morphological analysis for each term.

GERTWOL German Morphological Analyzer
There isn't much information about the analyzer on the site but it seems to work well.

Greek Morphological Analyzer
The Perseus Project: morphological analysis using the morphological analyzer allows you to enter one or more Greek words in Latin transliteration at the prompt and returns the morphological analysis for each term.

Hebrew Verb Conjugations
A table of the simplest verb structure conjugation. Displayed the past tense of "Binyan Kal". The root *ktv 'to write' is conjugated in both genders, singular and plural.

Hindi Full-Text Search (Hindi-Japanese)
Type in a word and its inflectional type and this analyzer will give you all the
appropriate forms (I think). This page is in Japanese and requires Japanese fonts.

Hindi Morphological Analyzer (Tagger)
Type in a phrase or word and this analyzer will identify the parts of speech and their morphological functions. Written by Vasu Renganathan of the University of Pennsylvania.

How Similar are Estonian and Finnish?
This article by Eugene Holman of the University of Helsinki discusses the
declensions and conjugations of both languages.

Hyperlex CELEX Morphological Analyzer of English
This search engine provides morphological analysis and information from
a data base provided by CELEX.

Introduction to German Grammar
A temporary resource for learning beginning German or reviewing German provided by Gary Smith of William & Mary. It contains the basic paradigms of nouns, adjective, and verbs.

Italian Clitics
Paola Monachesi is a post doc at the Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft at the University of Tübingen. It contains her dissertation and several articles on Italian clitics which may be downloaded.

Japanese Honorifics
Honorific pronouns and affixes by Robert Matthews from a posting by Steve Pearl.

Latin Parser and Translator
A beta or developers copy of a Visual Basic program which Adam McLean designed to assist people in translating from Latin into English. I am making this available in the hope that it might help people undertake some translations (download).

Rolf Noyer, Features, Positions and Affixes in Autonomous Morphological Structure
Dissertation abstract. This thesis develops a theory of the mapping from the output of syntactic rules to the input to phonology within a component of Morphology. Three types
of information are shown to be independently manipulable in the algorithm
deriving fully inflected words: morphosyntactic features, phonological
material (affixes), and positions-of-exponence.

Xerox Research Corporation's Morphological Analyzer for English, French,
Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and German
These finite-state analyzers have been compiled using two-level morphology rules.
These morphological analyzers are also used in XRCE's part-of-speech taggers.

The Roots of Mambila: Convergence and divergence in the
development of Mambila by Bruce Connell
This paper shows that Mambila comprises two major dialect clusters, though the division is not that envisaged by previous researchers. This paper provides evidence of a new division among Mambila dialects and then explores the relative roles of divergence and convergence in Mambila and what the Mambila situation can tell us about the dynamics
of language change more generally.

Study Guide to Wheelock's Latin Grammar
This study guide by Dale Grote of UNC Charlotte has been converted to HTML by Tony Jebson.
It contains many conjugation and declension paradigms to supplement Wheelock.
(The original resides at Wiretap.)

Spanish Morphological Analyzer (Licensed)
This C/C++ morphological analyzer that makes use of the ARIES Spanish lexical interface listed on the same page. This permits to improve efficiency by integrating word segmentation with lexical access also. By now, it is a (pseudo)-unification chart based parser for context-free morphological grammars.

Sur la dérivation des mots en -able-ible et -uble en Français
The table of contents, introduction, and conclusion of a larger work by Michel Billard-Sirakawa published by Le Centre de Ressources et de Maintenance en Logiciels d'Orleans. This site includes a bibliography and a list of other publications of the center.

Swahili Noun Classes
A preliminary report by Ellen Contini-Morava on a two-phase study of the semantics and syntax of noun classification in Swahili. Phase I, the topic of the present paper, is an investigation of the semantic structure of the noun classes, from a cognitive-semantic perspective.

Turkish Morphological Analyzer
Developed using the two-level transducer technology developed by Xerox.
It can process about 900 forms/sec on Sparc station 10/41, though industrial strength versions of the SW work significantly faster. This implementation of Turkish
uses about 30,000 Turkish root words.

Turkish Morphological Analyzer
You may download the executable

Ural-Altaic Language Page
A comparative study of all the morphological features of the Uralic and Altaic languages.

Welsh Conjugational Endings and Irregular Forms
The appendix of an on-line Welsh grammar by Mark Nodine.
The rest of the grammar may be accessed through the built-in buttons.

Word Manager
Word Manager is a system for the acquisition and management of reusable morphological and phrasal dictionaries. It has a knowledge acquisition component and a knowledge representation which enable a more flexible use than typical finite-state systems.

An on-line lexical reference system whose design is inspired by current theories of human lexical memory. English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept. Different relations link the synonym sets.

Word Frequency Indexer
A very useful script that analyzes text you put in for word (token) frequency.

Word Order and Negation in Nahuatl: A Cross Dialect Study
An exploration of the rich variation in word order (non-configurationalty)
of the Nahuatl language written in the framework of Chomsky's Principles and Parameters.

XTAG Tree Adjoining Parser
An on-going project to develop a wide-coverage grammar for English using a feature-based and lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar formalism. XTAG also serves as an system for the development of TAGs and consists of a predictive left-to-right parser, an X-windows interface, a morphological analyzer, and a part-of-speech tagger (download).




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