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John Cage
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Bate Collection of Musical Instruments
Situated in the Faculty of Music buildings next to Christ Church College, Oxford. A collection of historical woodwind, bras and percussion instruments; over a dozen historical keyboard instruments; a complete bow-maker's (William Retford) workshop and a collection of bows; and the Javanese gamelan Kyai Madu Laras. A small but interesting archive which includes many original instrumenttutors is available for consultation by prior appointment.
Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre
A group of composers maintain and operate a comprehensive and unique sound diffusion system specifically designed for the performance of electroacoustic music.

Classical Composers Database

DNA Music
Each composition utilizes the advanced hemispheric synchronization (Hemi-Syncâ) sound technologies pioneered by The Monroe Institute, an organization responsible for some of the most innovative research in consciousness occurring today.

Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments
Ethnomusicology Sources
A gateway to the study of music from around the world.
Eyeneer Music Archives

Fractal Music Project
Fractal music is a result of a recursive process where an algorithm is applied multiple times to process its previous output. In wider perspective all musical forms, both in micro and macro level can be modeled with this process.

Information and activities surrounding the memes of music, dance, art, altered states of consciousness, and experimental ways of expressing those memes over the wires.

Music and DNA
A email thread discussion about music and DNA
Music Links Page to World Wide Web sites
Music Museum, Stockolm
Music Resources
A PC Magazine Top 100 Web Site from The Sibelius Academy,
behind it lies an assortment of music-related links to classical, jazz, rock, and opera.

National Endowment for the Arts
Consists of three parts: a guide to the NEA, with an overview of the NEA grant making program; an arts resource center, with a listing of NEA publications, information about international funding opportunities, and a large listing of arts service organizations.
New Music Net
  About new music and discuss issues concerning composers, performers and presenters of experimental music.



Acoustics Laboratory
Helsinki University of Technology. Research activities include DSP applications in acoustics, audio signal processing, speech processing and music.

Centre de Recherche Pierre Schaefer
Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia
College of Music University of North Texas. To instigate, foster, and support professional projects in research and composition of experimental music and intermedia.
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies
Berkeley, California. Promoting, producing and presenting creative interaction between music and technology.
Center for Research in Computing and the Arts
UCSD, California. Concerned with the application  of computing technology to a wide array
of artistic endeavors in the arts, and humanities.
The Center for Studies in Music Technology - Yale
A multi-disciplinary facility where composers performers, music scholars work together with researchers from other disciplines using technology both to further the understanding of the theory and practice of music and as a creative medium.
Center for Computer Music Research and Composition
UCSB, California. A wide range of topics related to  digital audio signal processing and electroacoustic music.
Computer Music Journal WWW/FTP Archives
Computer Research in Music and Acoustics - Standford
Works composed at CCRMA have been highlighted at music festivals, concerts and competitions around the world.

Harvard Computer Music Center
Cambridge, Mass. On teaching analog studio techniques in the realm of the computer.

Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM)
Paris, France. Links to research and activities of the center.
Institute for Psychoacoustic and Electronic Music
Paris, France. IPEM has proven to provide a fruitful context for innovation, both in composition and musicology.

Music Research Site List
Extensive list of institutes and centers doing work in the area of music and sound research.

Sound Arts Lab
To facilitate the experimentation of artists with a common interest in the medium of sound. The Sound Arts Lab aims to attract artists working in sound, installation, performance, video, and multi-media. It hopes to provide a creative environment for ind ividual and
collaborative works to evolve and the interchange of ideas - practical / theoretical / educational to take place.



John Cage Chronological Catalog of Music
Compiled by Larry Solomon. The new catalog has many corrections,
additions, and modifications, thereby containing an abundance of new information.
C.F.Peters catalog
Useful Net Links on John Cage (with current prices)
Cage Autobiographical Statement
Silence Archives, and Discography
The John Cage Guestbook
Cage on the Internet
John Cage.
Silence: The John Cage Discussion List
John Cage: Materials by James Pritchett



Advanced Spiritual Healing Technology
Sound is incorporated as an intergal part of our healing work. EEG validation proves beneficial physiological alteration.
Ambient Music Information Archive
A freely accessible repository of information about ambient music of all kinds.
Angelic Music Tapes and Angels

Looper's Delight
A cultural and informational resource for musicians creating with audio loops of every sort.


Planets Music
Personally created for a determinate person or event, based in the
frecuencies of natal charts.

World Forum for Acoustic-Ecology
A professional organization of individuals and institutions with diverse interests and expertise who share a common interest in the study of natural and human made sound environments



CBC Drama Studio with On-Line Sound Effects
An Imagemap of the CBC Drama Studio in Toronto.
Various sound effect devices and generating techniques are demonstrated.

Horizontal Radio
 A telematic simultaneous event, taking place live in a network of actively
interconnected radio stations delineating the entire territory of the EBU.

Kunstradio On Line
A weekly 40 minute program broadcast every Thursday night from 22:20 until 23:00 on Österreich 1, Exclusively, works for radio by artists - visual artist s, media artists, composers, /sound artists, writers and ‘radio artists’.
Kunstradio Archive of Radio Projects and Artists
Information covering: Live broadcasts, documentation of radio performances, installations, etc.,Telematic Radio Projects Documentation of projects involving radio and other telematic media, Radio Artists etc.
Kunstradio Netsounds
Short original works by artists for Kunstradio On Line.

New American Radio
A  place for artists in the radio medium comprising hundreds of new and original works: conceptual new drama, associational documentary, language explorations, sonic meditations, environmental compositions, musical explorations and works that pioneer new dimensions in acoustic space.

A project of Ether-Ore. It produces new works for radio and new media.
Sound Print Media Center
A source or radio documentary programs.

YLE Finnish State Radio
A tradition of radiophonic works with more than 25 years. Some early 50`s radio drama works already used ideas  and technology later coming known as electro-acoustic music and text-sound works. The authors are mostly composers, sound designers, writers and artists.
Yurabirong - A work for radio
The sounds presented here are fragments, the piece is twenty five minutes long.
Uses music concrete and archival recordings from various periods of Sydney history.



Audium Theater of Sound Sculptured Space
The only theatre of its kind pioneering the exploration of space in music. Over169 speakers bathe listeners in sounds that move past, over and under them. ‘Sound sculptures’ are performed in darkness in a 49-seat theatre.

Brain Opera
Produced by Tod Machover at MIT as an interactive real and cyber opera event
in which you can also participate.

Conturs Of The Mind: An exhibition of Sonic and Visual Art
An exhbit at the Australian National University Drill Hall Gallery

Dream Screens
Susan Hiller has created a quiet space on the internet using minimalist color fields. An interactive piece to be experienced; includes the choise of an audio track
in one of six languages.

Electronic Poetry Center Sound Room
An archive of sound art, spoken word poetry, audio hypermedia, and arts news broadcasts.
Eye-Phonics Project
Sound meets the eye. A multi-art project, with an emphasis on sound and
its relation to performance.

Rainstick Project
An interactive soundsculpture.

Sonic Architecture
Bill and Mary Buchen, designers of acoustic spaces and sonic arts.
Sound artists and composers discuss their works
Lisboa by Michael Ruesenberg and Hans Ulrich Werner; Madrid by a collective of soundscape composers; Garden of Sounds by Hoemberg and Langguth;
Pulse Of The Planet by Jim Metzner
Sound Sculpture
This page is devoted to presenting various ideas concerning artistic works
involving visual, tactile and audial materials.
Sound Sculpture Page
This page is devoted to presenting various ideas concerning artistic works involving visual, tactile and audial materials.
Sound Seed
This interactive on-line project was created by Daniel Bradshaw.
Sound Threads
An on-going interactive sound project on the web.

Techno-Impressionist Art
Known for their interchangeable use of traditional media, and of computer-based
tools that behaved like real media.

Devoted to contemporary culture.



Association of Sound Therapy and Harmonic Studies (Spain),
la Asociación de Terapia del Sonido y Estudios Armónicos

Sound and vocal harmonics, with pictures of the Sound Dome. Courses are listed

Back to Life
Electrical nutrition, International Academy of Vibrational Medical Science.
Bison Publishing
To create and distribute Stories and Songs that Celebrate the Spirit.
Bodies of Sound and Light

Crystal Bowls
Crystal bowls and workshops are available through this web site.

An interactive sound/music environment using music, vibration, geometry and bio-feedback

David Gordon
Sound & Spirit, Singer, Teacher, Healing Voice Coach

Healing Power In Your Voice
Hummingbird Foundation
A non-profit organization providing a vehicle for the Hummingbird Medicine Teachings. To promote the wisdom and teachings of indigenous cultures, soul psychology, shamanism, natural medicine, ecological conservation, and ancient spiritual traditions.

International Lambdoma Research Institute (I.L.R.I.)
Founded in order to encourage and promote the continuing research and application of the Lambdoma and to spread the understanding of the wisdom and relationships which are encoded in its matrix ofwhole number ratios.

MÈRE Project Charitable Trust
A charitable trust. MÈRE: an acronym for Music Energy for the Regeneration of Earth
as well as the French word for "mother".
New Music, New Media and Vibrational Medicine
To learn about virbrational medicine.
Music and Vibrational Healing

Planet Music
A composer that plays natal charts as scores, Harmony of spheres, the Planets music. Each earth moment and place (birth chart of persons, animals or acts) has their own frecuencies and chords, and is a score to play.

Spirit, Sound, Music and Healing: Books
A bibliography of books about sound and healing.
Spiritual healing and spiritual art
Psychotherapeutic and sound healing services.
Sound as Healing Therapy
Sound Health Resources
A cross between music therapy and biofeedback. It uses voice spectral analysis as a tool to identify and interpret the constant, complicated frequency interactions within the body.
Sound Wave Energy

Tama-Do: Academy of Sound, Color and Movement & Fabien Maman
A global network of students meeting in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Germany, Norway and the former Soviet Union and most recently introduced
in China and the Untied States.
Terra Christa
A shop and healing/learning resource center. Distributors for Sound Wave Energy Tapes
Tomatis Method
Builds strong listening skills through auditory stimulation, to improve learning and language abilities, communication, creativity, and socialm behavior.

Vibrational Healing
By the founder and Director of the Vibrational Healing Program in Hawaii.


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