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 Lingiustic e-sources

CL/MT Bibliography Search, Essex
Access to a collection of Bibliographic Databases in Linguistics
held by the CL/MT Research Group at the University of Essex.

Language and Linguistic Conferences
The LSA linguists e-mail list maintained by the Linguistics Department of Yale University.

Canadian Forces Language School
The Canadian Forces Language School at Ottawa maintains probably the most comprehensive language resource site on the web. If it isn't here, it probably isn't on line.

Corpus Linguistics
Michael Barlow's site contains the links to on-line corpora of more than a dozen languages plus connections to software for exploiting the corpora.

Cyril Babaev's Linguistic Studies
Contains a historical grammar of Lithuanian, pages on the Proto-Indo-European
language and religions, Etruscan and Thracian languages.

The Human Languages Page
Resources to learn, use, and study the languages of the world: grammars, dictionaries, historical descriptons, etc.

E-mail Addresses of Linguists
The LSA linguists e-mail list maintained by the Linguistics Department of Yale University.

The journal of the LSA currently edited by Mark Aronoff.
Contains a table of contents, a style sheet, a FAQ page, and information about the editors.

Language World
A new online magazine published by LOGOS for translators,
interpreters, terminologists, lexicographers and technical writers.

Lexicon of Linguistic Terminology
A comprehensive and detailed on-line dictionary of linguistic terminology by OTS in Utrech, Netherlands. Entries contain hypertext cross-listings and bibliographic sources.


Lingusitic Organizations

Association of Linguistic Typology
Encourages the study of cross-linguistic diversity and the patterns underlying it.
The International Phonetic Association
 Supports resources to learn, use, and study the the IPA symbols.

The major listserv for linguistic discussion. It contains an indexed archive of the list, subcategorized into discussions, book reviews, book announcements, etc.

Linguistic  Society of America
The major international linguistic association. It includes a link to
the e-mail addresses of the membership.

Linguistic Departments and Programs
The LINGUIST list maintains a listing of all linguistics departments
throughout the world that are on line.

Linguistic Theories
These are the websites of the current major linguistic theories
and perhaps a minor one or two.

HPSG Homepage
LFG Homepage
Lexeme-Morpheme Base Morphology
MIG (Minimal Information Grammar)
Minimalist Grammar in Prolog (Ray Dougherty)
Optimality Theory (Rutgers  Optimality Archive)
Relational Grammar Homepage

Linguistics: The Virtual Library
The Virtual Library Linguistics Section is the all-inclusive survey of linguistic sites and resources on the web. Evrything you might need to know about linguistics is found here. It begins with a list of all the linguistics departments in the world with web sites.

The List of Language LISTS
The motherlode of language and linguistic lists. It contains
information on how to join each one of them.

The Prague Linguistic Circle
A.k.a. Le Cercle Linguistique de Prague and Prazsky lingvisticky krouzek.
The organization from which Roman Jakobson and his colleagues developed linguistic structuralism into a major theory. It contains a history of the organization and listings of current linguistic events and sites in the Czech Republic.

Studies in Celtic Linguistics Online
Johannes Heinecke's site linking to linguistics sites of all the Celtic languages.

The Summer Institute of Linguistics
SIL is a major force in the preservation of endangered languages, famed for its Ethnoloque language family data base. Academic domains represented here include linguistics anthropology, literacy, language learning,translation, and computing.
This site is intended to serve both SIL members and those in the general academic community.

TITUS Indo-European Project
A large international European project providing fonts,
dictionaries, and other tools for linguists.

Universal Survey of Languages
This is a major collaborative effort with the goal of creating a linguistic reference for the layman and linguist alike. The USL contains audio files of spoken language and descriptions of morphology and phonology of the world's languages, as well as a hypertext introduction to linguistics, an introduction and reference to the International Phonetic Alphabet, a linguistic dictionary and information on language families.



Lingusitic Fun

A  Little Etymology

Can Chomsky's Inimitable Style be Imitated?

Context-Free  Complaint Letter Generator
Why repeat yourself all the time?

English is Tough Stuff
A poem on English orthography.

Etymology of Names
Now what your name originally meant?

Jesse's Word for the Day
For those of you in need of more words--this is the place.

Language Minatures
Mini-essays by W. Z. Williams about human language in its endless kaleidoscope
of aspects, such as the social, the mental, the historical, the structural.

Leçons de traduction argot - [Français]
Scènes de la vie courante permettant de mieux appréhender l'autochtone.

The Awful German Language by Mark Twain
Mark Twain wrote this essay while waiting for a German verb.

The Dorktionary
The Devil's Dictionary for geeks and nerds. Use it at your own risk.

The Klingon Language Institute

The Simplified Spelling Society
Tired worrying about spelling? Here's the organization for you!

The Word Detective

Sniglets: Things for which there are no words.

Weird and Wonderful Words

Word Oddities and Trivia
Everything you every wanted to know about words--and then some!

Lots more links to fun with words.

Words That Mean the Opposite of Themselves (Antagonyms?)




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